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Legends of King Kamehameha

Did you know that Kamehameha Shopping Center is named after King Kamehameha because the center is built on lands once owned by the Kamehameha Dynasty? This celebrated monarch is honored every June 11 – King Kamehameha Day – across the state with lei draping ceremonies, parades, and special celebrations. Are you familiar with some of the myths and legends of the unifier of the Hawaiian Islands?  

No one knows the exact date of his birth, but legend has it that he was born on a winter night in 1758 when Halley’s Comet crossed the Hawaiian skies. Hawaiian priests believe the celestial object was a signal to the future King’s greatness. 

Are you familiar with the Naha Stone? The 5,000-pound rock was used to determine the legitimacy of babies born into the Naha bloodline on Hawaii Island. They would place the infant on the stone and if the baby did not cry, he or she was legitimate. Since the stone was very heavy, it was prophesied that the man who could move it would have the “mana” to bring all the Hawaiian Islands together. Legend has it that Kamehameha overturned it when he was 14 years old. Today, the stone is in front of the Hilo Public Library.  

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Mahalo Spinners!

Mahalo to all the faithful spinners who joined us for our Mother’s Day Spin to take their chance with the wheel! We gave away over $800 in prizes including two Grand Prizes worth $200! Congratulations to our Grand Prize winners Lisa Hirata and Dora Kitabara!

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