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Meet BASKIN-ROBBINS’ Princess Sumibcay

Did you know that there is a princess working at KSC? It is Baskin Robbins’ very own PRINCESS SUMIBCAY! She started scooping ice cream part time while attending Moanalua High School and seven years later, Princess is now one of the assistant managers at the store. 

One of her favorite duties is decorating the ice cream cakes and she has become quite the expert with the intricate borders and frosting designs. The store always has Vanilla, Mint Chocolate Chip, Strawberry, and Pralines ‘N Cream cakes ready for pick up, but the best seller is always the OREO Cream Delight Cookie Cake. 

Did you know the top two flavors sold are the OREO Cookies ‘N Cream and Mint Chocolate  Chip? But Princess likes to go for a drink blended with coffee, like a Jamoca Almond Fudge or an OREO Cold Brew. 

When not behind the counter, you can find Princess shopping at Jeans Warehouse or joining the rest of the Baskin Robbins team at BALE ordering spring rolls.  And when not a KSC, you can find Princess dancing hula at Halau Hula Olana where she has been studying for 17 years. She would love to see hula performed at KSC one day.

FUN FACT: The bananas and milk used at the KSC BASKIN ROBBINS are all purchased from the TIMES SUPERMARKET next door

National Ice Cream Day!

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