March Featured Tenant: Honu Bakery’s got the goods, “baked” that is!

Since October 2014 Honu Bakery has been the “go-to-place” at KSC for sweet and savory baked goods. And we all know, there’s nothing like a flakey, delicious croissant to make you feel all warm inside, especially on those rainy days. Our KSC promotions teams stopped by the bakery this month to chat with owner Jay Yang.

Honu Bakery has a lot to offer, so we asked Jay what his most popular item is. “Our number one seller is Turtle (Honu) Bread.  It is sweet bread with buttercream, raisins and chestnuts filling,” says Jay. “We also have developed many items such as cupcakes and donuts to satisfy people’s taste buds.”

Jay has loved baked goods since childhood and when he grew up he wanted to provide quality baked goods to the people of Hawai‘i. “Before I started the bakery, I was working in the purchasing department for Liberty House. I went to Korea to attend a baking school for a year,” says Jay, who eventually returned to Hawaii to work as an assistant pastry chef at a popular restaurant in Honolulu, before eventually opening up his first Honu Bakery. (The KSC location is his second.)

So, what new and delicious treats can we look forward to from Honu Bakery? Jay says they are always “developing new items.” “Recently we introduced banana and green tea cupcakes, and log cake with chocolate shavings,” said Jay. Honu Bakery has a lot to offer to you baked goods lovers out there. Next time you want a flakey croissant or tantalizing cake or anything in between, Honu Bakery will have it fresh and ready for you!




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