August 2020 E-Newsletter

Meet the Team at Panda Express!

Karl Jensen Afaga, Angel Moravek, and Donna Abadilla love working at the KSC Panda Express and between them, they have 10 years of Panda experience. 

Karl has been working at this Panda Express as a cook for the past four years.  His favorite dish is the ORANGE CHICKEN.  When he is not working, you can usually find him a couple of doors down at CVS Longs picking up supplies for home.
Angel has been a shift leader for over four years and her favorite dish is the WALNUT SHRIMP. When she is not in the restaurant taking care of customers, you can find her across the center at JEANS WAREHOUSE picking up a new dress and one too many pair of shoes!  
Donna joined the Panda Express team two years ago as a food server, and just like Karl, her favorite dish is the ORANGE CHICKEN.  You can find her every morning before her shift at STARBUCKS picking up her usual, an iced matcha latte. 
The next time you stop in Panda Express, give these three a big aloha!  


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